Dundalk site getting a million hits a day…

Andy from Sedgefield has been doing some digging for online facts for the Dundalk website, and believes that the site is cycling something like a million hits a day. He has also worked out the elements of how to make a successful blog – we don’t recommend you try this at home!

  • peteb

    Apart from the “Know whereof you speak” advice that is, Mick 😉

  • Young Irelander

    Hey Mick,are you aware Slugger got a mention in the Irish Echo Online?

    Here’s the link.

  • peteb

    Well, YI, a mention is about all there is.. the article is hogged by someone called John Fay *ahem*.

    But I’d question the opening remarks, “Nowadays, the blogging craze is largely over and the Internet is littered with failed blogs”.. given the recent survey I blogged here – The Rise of The Blog.

  • Andy N

    His comments are now disabled, though that may change.

    All the libellous stuff has been posted by visitors to the site, but “Dermot” has clearly struck a chord with locals and people world wide.

    The blog was disabled once by the hosts, and any changes that you see at the moment have been done by “Dermot” himself.

    I suppose what annoys me most is that the UK press were very convincing when talking to Blogdrive earlier this week, as they tried to convince the Blogdrive that “Dermot” really was the Irish Foreign Minister, and what were they (Blogdrive) going to do about it?

    I have a feeling that it may last just a little longer yet.

    I think “Know whereof you speak” is good too.