Only a fiver to you, guv…

NORTHERN Bank’s famous plastic fivers are appearing on ebay, as, according to the wit selling this one, they are “suddenly in short supply”. Quite.Some of the blurb reads:

Polymer notes are becoming increasingly popular. Their enhanced security features makes counterfeiting more difficult. The Northern Bank note includes security features such as the feel of the polymer, which is distinctively smooth on non printed areas, its transparent windows, both clear and coloured on the corner of the note embossed with four Alpha (á) motives. The polymer note is also hardier than the paper note, often lasting up to four times longer before needing to be replaced.

The polymer £5 notes were available from Northern Bank branches across the Northern Ireland from 21 December 1999 onwards. They were never dispensed through Automated Teller Machines (as Northern Bank “AutoBank” ATMs do not dispense £5 notes). The Northern Bank plastic note is different from that issued by the Isle of Man in the 1970s, which was issued on Tyvek paper.