Irish needs simpler grammar and spelling has tracked down an interesting project. It’s a language pressure group which is campaigning for the simplification of the grammar and spelling rules in all the Gaelic langauges. Hat tip Davros!

  • IJP

    Given their site includes the spellings tommorrow and grammer, perhaps they should extend their campaign to English???

    The idea strikes me as fundamentally sound, but I shouldn’t hold your breath.

  • maca

    The thing is, haven’t we already done this with the Official Standard? While the standard may not be perfect I don’t see the point of doing another round of simplification. (although it would be nice to remove some of the grammar exceptions).

    Their goal is right, to get Irish spoken, but i’d go about it a bit differently

    – improvements to the Official Standard

    – greatly increase the % of Irish medium schools

    – completely re-do the school curriculum

    – education for parents to show the advantages of

    – cheaper (and more) Irish courses for adults

    – a national body to take control of software localizations which are currently a mess

    – more Irish on TV

    – separation of Irish from culture forms such as traditional music (turns a lot of people off)

    – more popular books in irish (eg Harry Pothead)

    – A gag for Gerry Adams & Co

    – greater cooperation with the U-Scots/Scots/Welsh/Scottish Gaelic language organisations

    …to start with.