An indispensable oeuvre

Seamus Heaney salutes Patrick Kavanagh, and a new Collected Poems, in today’s Guardian Books. Edited and introduced by Antoinette Quinn, Kavanagh’s biographer and best advocate, [the new Collected] should help not only the English critics but the whole English-speaking crowd to read Kavanagh with new regard and maybe even to start believing in him. In Heaney’s view, it’s a vindication of Kavanagh’s indomitable faith in himself and in the art that made him so much more than himself

  • Young Irelander

    He was a great poet and I’m glad to see he’s getting alot more credit nowadays on the back of the centenary of his birth in 2004.

  • peteb

    On the evidenc of the linked article, YI, your view seems to be shared by Mr Heaney.

  • BeanShide

    Aye indeed, more often than not one has to die before receiving due recognition and be regarded as an all time great and master of the art!