More 'new' NI blogs..

Some good blogging from an Ulsterman in Hungary and our own United Irelander makes a break for independent status. Not forgetting Gerry O’Sullivan. If you have thought about setting up your own blog on NI or anything else then have a look at how these guys have done it. I’m sure any of them would be glad to help you set up!

  • David Vance

    Can I just second this? It’s great to see such articulate and interesting blogs emerge from within these walls, so to speak.

  • Young Irelander

    Thanks for your comments Mick.Both Slugger O’Toole and A Tangled Web were big influences on me…

  • maca

    …God, as if we’re not bored enough already!
    (just kiddin’ ;))

  • Davros

    YI’s running his first debate on the Orange Order 😉

  • Fraggle

    interesting (and incorrect) that you label those blogs ‘NI blogs’.

    Gerry’s, in particular is definately not a ‘NI’ blog. YI is based in Dublin (?).

  • maca

    Fraggle, depends on how you define “NI Blog”
    Mick, after all, is not based in NI either.

  • James

    “YI’s running his first debate on the Orange Order ;)”

    Let me know when it gets around to what to call Derry.

  • Gerry O’Sullivan

    Cheers, Mick!

    Here’s looking forward to lots more enjoyable Slugging in 2005 :o)