Media focuses on tsunami aftermath

The mainstream media remains, rightly, focused on the devastating effects of the tsunami in Sout East Asia that struck 2 days ago following a massive undersea earthquake, and the relief effort now underway. The BBC has a comprehensive article on its world news page while RTE reports that the death toll is likely to exceed 57,000. Calls for urgent aid and details on how to donate to the many agencies involved in the relief effort are liberally scattered throughout the reports, including the Belfast Telegraph and The Guardian Newsblog. The blogoshere is providing wider and more varied coverage with a dedicated blog covering the latest news and blog-evangelist Glenn Reynolds, despite an unfortunate choice of phrase in his post, provides links to bloggers based in affected regions. The Guardian Newsblog also has other media links

  • maca

    I was wondering if ye would cover the earthquake.

    What a dreadful event, so much pain and suffering. It certainly puts Northern Ireland’s pathetic little problems into perspective.

  • peteb

    I don’t see how anyone could not post on it, maca, for all of the reasons you mention.

  • maca
  • Emily

    57,000. Jeebus, I can’t even wrap my mind around that number. Thanks for posting those links, Maca.

  • peteb

    And that’s just the estimate of deaths caused by the tsunami, Emily.

  • James

    Here’s another number to wrap your mind around.


    That’s how many meters the island of Sumatra was moved by the quake. Contrast that to the 4 meters that the San Andreas shifted in the San Francisco quake.

    You have to experience one to really understand what it’s like to be a survivor. The first jolt (not a jolt, really, usually a prolonged period of side to side motion) is not as scary as the aftershocks. You’ve lived through the first jolt, now you know what’s comming.

  • maca

    No Irish casualties confirmed yet although there probably will be some.

    16 Britons killed, so far.

  • peteb

    With the number of deaths in SE Asia now being given as around 60,000, maca, the breakdown of that figure into various nationalities can be left to the mainstream media.

  • GavBelfast

    Truly awful. You wonder when the final figure will ever be arrived at, if it ever can be, and why it is that the people in this world who are already amongst the least well-off tend to be the most continually affected by disaters, man-made and natural.

    Awful, too, is the fact that we will soon forget about it and keep nit-picking and point-scoring in our own grubby little conflict, with the odd firebomb, sectarian intimidation or racists attack thrown-in.

    Perhaps, for those here who didn’t suffer directly, the trauma of real and everyday violence is too distant a memory to make all of us realise that we never want it all again?

    Or maybe we just enjoy squabbling as part of our make-up.

  • Emily

    Gav — there are methods used in the Pacific for detecting tsumamis with enough time for a warning that would prevent casualties of this scale. They are, unfortunately, rather costly, which is probably why there weren’t any in place in the Indian Ocean. Aside from donating for immediate relief, I wonder if there’s a way to give to an organization that would contribute to the development of such warning systems so that we don’t see numbers like this again? I’d throw in my buck-o-five for that.

  • Weapons Of Crass Instruction

    Just heard on the radio news that the death toll is somewhere around 60,000 with over 1,000,000 homeless or displaced.

    Christ but that kind of devastation and suffering puts our own problems into cristal clear perspective. Let’s hope that humanity rallies and the aftermath is made as less difficult as possible in the circumstances.

  • Mark McGregor

    Christmas question.

    Tragic natural disaster?

    God willingly killing innocents for a higher purpose?

  • maca

    Tragic natural disaster

  • maca

    “Just heard on the radio news that the death toll is somewhere around 60,000 with over 1,000,000 homeless or displaced.”

    70,000 according to RTÉ, with 3500 tourists still missing and God only knows how many locals missing. Disease could double that figure.

  • Davros

    Well done to the Dean of St Anne’s Cathedral and Colleagues.Black Santa Asian appeal

  • maca

    I notice Google have put up a Tsunami Relief page.

  • peteb

    And the death toll from the tsunami is now being stated as 80,000 and not all the islands affected have been contacted –

    Red Cross say death toll may exceed 100,000

  • maca

    Jesus H, this is unbelievable.
    If you’re of a sensitive nature **DO NOT** look at the following photo as it shows countless bodies of victims.

    graphic photo