Odd Man Out on the BBC

One film worth setting your video for if you have to go back to work on Wednesday is Carol Reed’s screen adaption of FL Green’s gripping thriller Odd Man Out set in 1940’s Belfast. It’s remembered in Belfast mostly by the still from the film displayed in the Crown Bar with James Mason pictured centre screen in a studio mock up of that famous Belfast landmark. But if the film is half as good as the book it will be a powerful evocation of a Belfast now long gone.

The critical success of the film is said to have propelled James Mason towards his Hollywood success. But there are also appearances from Joseph Tomelty and a young Cyril Cusack.

For those of you who do get to see it, let us have your thoughts here!

  • DCB

    And the artist was allegedly based on Marque, who apperently tried to sue the producers of the movie for taking the p3ss out of him.

  • GavBelfast

    It’s a good old film and well worth another look.#

    However, people who are familiar with the layout of urban Belfast will not be fooled by some of the discontinuity, nor that some of the studio mock-ups do not look like the places they are supposed to represent. The real Crown Bar (which is featured in some of the scenes in the film) does not look like its representation on other parts of the movie.

    Still, mustn’t niggle!

  • Davros

    The Irish Architecture Online site is wonderful. I love this Picture of the Crown Exterior for the beer bottle tucked away on the corner. In my day some kid would have lifted that and gone in to collect the deposit on the bottle 🙂

  • peteb

    I’m surprised you haven’t seen it already, Mick.

    It’s a great film with a superb cast and a genius director.. unfortunately the scheduling clashes with Star Wars on the other channel 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Poor timing on my part obviously. Read the novel in Penguin paperback about 15 years ago – gripping stuff. It’ll be a tape and keep job!

  • Davros

    It’ll be a tape and keep job!

    Does this mean you’ll be watching Star Wars ? 😉

  • peteb

    There is an alternative option, Mick.

  • Christopher Stalford

    “However, people who are familiar with the layout of urban Belfast will not be fooled by some of the discontinuity”

    Agreed. The bit where he’s dumped in the bath near the train line and he pulls himself up, crosses the street to go into The Crown, would mean he was stuck slap-bang in the middle of Sandy Row!

    Johnny McQueen in the Row? No chance Sunny Jim!