Double Standards ?

Fine Gael’s Bernard Allen is concerned at US treatment of Irish illegals and the American Ambassador is to be asked a joint Oireachtais committee on foreign affairs.Meanwhile Ireland is jailing and deporting illegal immigrants, some of whom have Children who were born in Ireland. From earlier in the year: Ireland deports 64

IRELAND chartered a plane and used 35 police officers to deport 64 illegal immigrants, underscoring the cost and difficulty of combating the flow of bogus asylum-seekers to the emerald isle.

Among the 52 Romanians and 12 Moldovans were a dozen children, all of whom were arrested in a series of coordinated police raids in five counties last week. The Justice Department said the flight, which included an on-board doctor, nurse and interpreter, cost an estimated 120,000 euros.

  • Keith M

    There’s a subtle difference between illegal workers and bogus asylum seekers. In the latter case, the state (at least in Ireland) feeds and houses these people while their claims are investigated. They have lived off the taxpayer for month (often years), only to be found to have been found to be frauds. Luckily for them the state (at least in Ireland) does not ask for recompense from them before deporting them. Illegal workers do not get any handouts from the taxpayer and often taken jobs which local peopple won’t do. Now having drawn that distinction, it is clear what should be done. They should be put on the first plane home, and I would also be in favour of requesting the receiving country to take their away.

  • Davros

    The tide has truly turned post 9-11.

    Ferry gives up 2-year struggle to stay in U.S.