Donaldson, 'decontamination' and democratic credentials…

JEFFREY Donaldson appears to back Mark Devenport’s thinking when he suggested that a lack of photographic evidence of IRA decommissioning would result in the DUP setting a longer ‘decontamination period’ for the paramilitary group to prove its non-violent credentials… which would mean after the Westminster election, I’m sure. How convenient(!)

  • alex s

    Christopher, when the DUPes won the Assembly elections Paisley’s ‘man in the sreeet’ was told there would be no more concessions, now we are told that whatever Trimble may have ‘discussed’ is to be conceded, even on the issue of visible deccommissing you are conceding yet more ground to Sinn Fein, and they havn’t even asked you to, the truth is the DUP have no bottom line and this latest statement from Donaldson proves it!

  • Dec

    “National identity is not necessarily a ‘one or the other’ scenario. You can be British and Irish with no problem.”

    People can call themselves what they want after all but I would object to the notion of Irishness being a subset of Britishness. They’re both standalone identities. (truth be told I think the British thing is a bit weak anyway. When it boils down to it you’re either Welsh, English, Scottish etc. If there was such a thing as a single overriding identity such as ‘British’ then why wasn’t Neil Kinnock ever PM? IIRC his perceived ‘Welshness’ was a big black mark against him in English voters’ eyes)

  • alex s

    Christopher, as a side issue, who runs the DUP in Lagan Valley, it seemed strange that Donaldson was able to welcome Jim Kirkpatrick back into the party despite him being thrown out previously, was the big man asked first or does jeffrey make all the decisions?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    They may be ‘standalone’, but they are not incompatible or mutually-exclusive.

  • Davros

    Dec- some reasons
    1) He was a ginger.
    2) He was and still is a windbag
    3) He fell in the sea.

    Being Welsh ? Convenient to use a Welsh version of MOPE. Being perceived as Welsh didn’t stop DLG.

  • willowfield

    Christopher Stalford

    We aren’t trying to [fool people].

    You are. You’re trying to distance the DUP from the side-deals that were an integral part of what was (nearly) agreed.

    What I find more than a little hard to stomach is your own breathtaking hypocrisy over the general issue of prioner releases. You supported an agreement which released the worst murderers onto our streets and now you try a fake moral outrage act when it happens in the Republic as part of some side deal between Ahern and the Provos.

    But you support that Agreement too.

    I see you don’t dispute my point that when this issue was first raised by the Provos, the UUP never opened their cheapers to object. For my part, I wouldn’t have released any prisoners.

    Why are you supporting the amendment of an Agreement that included their release, then?

    As I’ve said before, no deal would have been good enough for the likes of you.

    Er, there is no deal!


    … unionist denial of any ‘Irish’ identity seems a relatively recent phenomenon.

    Indeed. It’s a post-Troubles phenomenon. Surveys from the 60s (Paul Rose?) show unionists declaring their primary identity as Irish.

    I think it has something to do with how unionists perceived ‘Irishness’ as an identity that was ‘hijacked’ by republicanism. Rather than redefine ‘Irishness’, it was simpler to define ‘Britishness’ as the counterfoil to an Irish identity.

    Absolutely the case.

    National identity is not necessarily a ‘one or the other’ scenario. You can be British and Irish with no problem.

    Spot on.

  • John East Belfast

    Christopher Stalford

    It is getting a bit tiresome reading you on these threads apportioning blame for all the unpleasant aspects of the current developments at the door of the UUP – McCabe killers, Elected NI representation in Dail for instance.

    You leader was a bit more honest when talking about biting his lip. The problem is that everytime you raise the bar for Republicans they simply demand a higher price. God only knows what we will have to pay for a photograph.

    Indeed the reason the IRA didn’t do a deal with the UUP last year on decommsissioning was that they knew the DUP would pay a higher price for it.

    Anyhow any dc that does come along now has been at the end of several years hard work and sacrifice by the UUP to bring Republicans to the position they are currently in.

    Once you accept that baton you are buying into everything that has gone before if you think that process is going to lead to the ultimate goal.

    Therefore if you want to accept all the credit for eventual DC then accept the blame for any price currently being paid whilst you are in the driving seat and your share in the costs paid for it to date.

  • Dec


    The difference with Lloyd George being that when he became Prime Minister Dixons and Curry’s didn’t stock too many radios and TVs. How many of the population knew he was Welsh and how many had ever heard him speak. Kinnock’s Welshness went against him, plain and simple.

  • Davros

    Dec, I disagree that it was a major factor. I have met this version of MOPEry before 🙂

  • Dec


    Fair enough. It was just one example that immediately sprang to mind. My point really being that ‘Britishness’ when examined closely is a far more fragile concept than most people care to realise.

  • Davros

    I’ll agree with that Dec. Identity is a fascinating subject. Happy Christmas and no hard feelings ?

  • Dec

    None at all. Same to yourself.

  • alex s

    Young Christopher has gone very quiet, no doubt cleaning his chimney in expectation of great gifts come the big day, oh to have such blind faith, and not just in Santa.