No devolved policing without DUP approval

As I mentioned the other day, the issue of the devolution of policing powers was, effectively, pushed to the side in the ‘comprehensive’ proposals. Today, in the Newsletter, DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson is more explicit than he was in the Belfast Telegraph article; claiming a DUP veto on the devolution of policing powers.In an article that is, primarily, a response to criticisms from UUP leader, David Trimble, he states –

The DUP did not even endorse the Government’s date and contented itself by simply saying that it would use its best efforts,” the MP said.

* There can be no devolution, in any circumstances until unionists in the Assembly vote to accept its transfer.

* There can also be no devolution without approval of the DUP First Minister.“[my emphasis]

Time someone started asking both Governments, and those parties who have endorsed the ‘comprehensive’ proposals (or even just the political parts), what exactly has been agreed on policing, if anything?