A fairytale is favourite

Evidence that the voting public actually does have some taste? – is there a better seasonal track?

  • Davros

    I don’t think it will ever be bettered Pete.

  • Lafcadio

    Indeed – that said, the competition wasn’t exactly intense..

    I love Fairytale – I remember something a mate of mine said, that it was the song he would be most proud of having written, which for some reason, I have always thought was well put..

  • Henry94

    I’m surprised Happy Christmas The War Is Over didn’t do better. It would be my second choice.

  • Davros

    I Cannot stop whistling it now, but I took great pleasure in replying to David Vance’s comments about being first with the Blunkett story on ATW by pointing out that Pete beat him on this one – especially pleasurable as DV is a Huge Kirsty fan đŸ˜€

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I don’t know if this is a fairy tale, but where have all the DUP supporters disappeared over the last couple of days?

  • Donnie

    Maybe poring over Sammy Wilson’s private photo collection…….

  • peteb


  • unionist_observer

    “I don’t know if this is a fairy tale, but where have all the DUP supporters disappeared over the last couple of days?”

    back at DUP HQ for the annual brainwashing upgrade no doubt.

  • David Vance

    Sublime song – I have written my own little personal remembrance re Kirsty which I’ll publish on ATW on Saturday – 4 years to the day since she was killed. Congrats to Pete for picking up on this story.

  • Keith M

    I like the Pogues and lots of McCall’s stuff (“In These Shoes” is a great little song), but I can’t abide “Fairytale..”. I’m no fan of xmas either, but the Wizzard song would be my fave.

  • Lafcadio

    I’ve just looked at the list again, and “Stay Another Day” at no.10?? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a perfectly presentable pop tune, but am I right in saying that the only link with Christmas is that it was released in December, and they made a cynical play for Christmas no.1 by ringing some sleighbells in the background during the fade-out at the end??

  • maca

    About to commit Slugger seppuku here but i’ve always liked Wham’s Last Christmas…

    *good thing they never brought the trout slap onto Slugger, any IRC’ers here?*

  • peteb

    *shakes head*

    Sheesh, Mick lets anyone post here. đŸ˜‰

  • maca

    I’m sorry, will 74 Hail Marys and 306 Our Fadders make up for it?

  • peteb

    Sorry, maca, you’re asking entirely the wrong man.. I’m not up to date with the current scale of penitence/punishment. đŸ˜‰

  • JD

    Maca, absolutely not.

  • Davros

    I had forgotten the Bowie/Bing duet đŸ™‚

  • cg

    Fantastic song by two fantastic singers.

  • Davros

    Laughing Gnome was his best, downhill all the way after that I’m afraid!

  • Donnie

    Fairytale is definitely the best of a bad bunch but I must admit to liking Wham’s tune too! Someone shoot me.