Headline of the week…

Does Being Protestant Make You Fat? in the – yep, you guessed it – Catholic Herald!

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    As a ‘well rounded’ Catholic, I have to wonder whether religion has anything to do with the issue of how fat one is. I have seen many ‘fat’ priests, bishops and the likes – so if they’re an example to their flock, then the Catholic Herald must be in denial.

  • unionist_observer

    All politicians are a bit porky, must be a combination of going to lots of dinners and sitting at a desk all day.

  • George

    Does this mean Mary Lou has taken the soup?

  • armaghman

    Would you be able to reproduce the article so we can see?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    I guess Jim Wells and Danny O’Connor must have been switched at birth then…

  • Greg

    To be fair, if you read the article you’ll see the answer is ‘No’. More or less. The article was inspired by a radio show where a guest had made this claim; having done some investigation, the Herald’s journalist decided that yer man was talking rot.