DUP could not buy half a deal…

Henry Patterson however has the real story of the DUP’s part in last week’s tale of yet another dog which didn’t bark.

  • aquifer

    Sinn Fein IRA are way behind the curve on the peace process. Do some marxist gun freaks, gangsters, and cultural supremacists think that they are dictating terms to the rest of us? Look back at the batty politics of the army council in the 60s and be very afraid, or just embarrassed.

    And whats this OGRA thing. Is sectarian anti-social behaviour, intimidation, arson, and vandalism to be given a political gloss as in the Basque Country, or is the military wing reckoning that they can’t intern sixteen year olds and younger. Is it a youth organisation for youth, or stem cells to rejuvenate the older IRA organism? Are the members wise enough to know the difference between a housing campaign and ethnic cleansing.

    Until the IRA brings some transparency to this ‘process’, we are all entitled to mistrust, and should.