Doktoring the photos…

THE rather wonderful Doktor Moog has a couple of useful analysis pieces that readers may find visually helpful for gaining an understanding of recent political events.

  • maca

    Here’s my own attempt, the product of too much time on my hands on a quiet Monday night…

  • cg

    You defiantly have issues

  • maca

    Cheers big ears! 😉

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Anyone posting the head of Gerry Adams onto the body of Sammy Wilson needs some time out.


  • cg

    “Cheers big ears! ;)”


  • James

    Moog has an intensity problem and really should learn about adding noise. Maca’s concept is cool but the scaling sucks.

    The IICD must send the RFQ elsewhere, I’m afraid.

  • The Devil


    Now I know why Adams hugs trees, it’s a fantasy to make up for his short coming.

    according to your monday night club anyway

  • maca

    “Maca’s concept is cool but the scaling sucks”

    I did it in 30 seconds in MS Draw so you can’t expect much James. I was too lazy to even open Gimp 😉

  • maca

    Gerry Adams, man of action or action man.
    Ian, Warrior Princess gets tough with SF.