Bloggers and journalists reading Slugger…

A quick catchup on other sites that have been kind enough to mention Slugger recently. If we don’t mention your site let us know! We get a mention on: Anita Roddick‘s modest blogroll (scroll down); Chris Hitchens ; Bloggerheads and the Sorryday campaign for the Vacuum.Not forgetting Ed Hillan (from Randalstown!); Sheila O’Malley; Harry’s Place; Malachi O’Doherty; Strange Attractor; Ganching; Young Fogey; Robert Corr (and a prize description of Slugger); Andrew Muir; Ciaran O’Kelly.

And many thanks to Scots Gaelic enthusiast Jordan McVay for naming Slugger as a joint winner of the group blog category of his very own Weblog Awards.

Most unlikely places: Pregnancy Magazine; and

Most are newish to us and there are some excellent reads amongst them!

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