Blame game: Paisley's hubris at fault

Roy Hattersley leads off with an erudite reading of the etmology of the Rev Ian Paisley’s plain spoken religious dogma. He clearly believes the DUP leader is the primary architect of the latest downturn in Northern Ireland’s eighty three year old search for an equitable democracy.

  • Davros

    It is after all only Roy Hattersley. The man is a joke.

  • DessertSpoon

    Think he makes some interesting points. This is afterall the way most people outside of NI and the DUP see the Doc.

  • willowfield

    Mr Hattersley needs to do a bit of research.

    He founded his own church, his own political party, his own Orange Lodge and his own newspaper.

    AFAIK, he didn’t found his own Orange lodge.

    For years, he was no more than an anti-Catholic troublemaker. Then he graduated – through support for the Protestant Workers’ Strike which broke the Sunningdale Agreement – to full-blown saboteur of every attempt to promote closer ties between Northern Ireland and the Republic and emancipate the Catholic minority.

    Inaccurate. He was attempting to sabotage north-south co-operation long before the UWC strike. And “emancipation” of the Catholic minority had also occurred long before the UWC strike.

    He was against the Anglo-Irish agreement of 1985 and the Good Friday agreement of 1998, and he has made his name by excoriating the Protestant leaders who endorsed them.

    What unionist leaders endorsed the Anglo-Irish Agreement?

  • George

    the Catholic minority of Northern Ireland have still to get a functioning, representative government which is not controlled by others so you can hardly call it emancipation.

    Definition of emancipation: freeing someone from the control of another.

  • willowfield

    In that case, no-one is “emancipated”, so reference to the “Catholic minority” is irrelevant.

    But you’re just being silly.

  • George

    you are being silly for stating the Catholic minority’s emancipation happened before the UWC.

  • willowfield

    I’m not.

    Stop being such a fool, George.

  • ShayPaul

    Dr No is the voice of Unionism.

    That is a sad reality.

    Unionism may have to assume the consequences and the invoice could be very expensive.

    Let’s hope that we can turn the page on Dr No, very quickly, or we will slide back a long way even quicker.

    I hope that Roy hasn’t got it all right, but fear he is nearer to the truth than you are willing to admit.

  • maca

    “Dr No is the voice of Unionism”

    The voice and face of Unionism for over 30 years.
    A sad fact.

  • ShayPaul

    Interesting development, which I believe is on thread :

    Dr No ready to deal in “Sin” with SF

    As you can see we are not finished with the one-liners.