Democratic progress, but don't tell the people!

Brendan O’Neill makes a welcome return onto the Northern Ireland scene, with his Sp!ked (spikey?) analysis of the way in which all the important moves in the peace process have been managed in a space, which at all times is safely removed from the public’s gaze:

…the officials driving the process tend to view the people of Northern Ireland suspiciously, some believing that the people’s base instincts could even throw the process off course. Officials worry that if Northern Ireland’s politicians, currently being weaned off their desires for a single-identity solution, are allowed too much contact with the people, it might re-ignite their old political posturings, where they will attempt to win votes by appealing to the masses’ presumed desires for old-fashioned solutions.

  • Davros

    Problem with Link Mick .

  • Davros

    Not a great article – no mention of the largest provo activity, commercial crime that it is claimed helps fund SF.

  • peteb

    Of course it’s ‘deeply undemocratic’…

    but “officials driving the process” to blame?

    Well that just allows the politicians off the hook – and the media as well.

  • peteb

    Just to add.. the article may appear spikey, but the analysis is dulled.

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    Davros, SF brings in a huge amount of money from it’s supporters here and in the USA. Electoral law regarding funding is very strict. Laundering dirty money passed on from the IRA’s criminal activities would be a serious strategic error and would simply destroy them if it ever got out.

    I’ve no doubt though that the IRA are more than happy to line their own pockets while the communities they claim to be defending remain steeped in poverty and a lack of opportunity.

  • Davros

    Roger- I prefer to believe Minister McDowell.
    You say electoral law is very strict ? So are the laws about hi-jackings and extortions.