Blame game: there was no 'comprehensive deal'

Tom Brady in the Irish Indo begs to differ. He quotes Gery Adams, “In the context of a comprehensive agreement, the IRA leadership will resolve these issues.” And then argues: “The truth is that there had not been any agreement on either the finer points of decommissioning, signing up to the declaration about not endangering anyone’s personal rights and safety or a timescale on Sinn Fein’s commitment to new policing arrangements.”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I thought this might have been what Harney was hinting at when she said photos weren’t the only outstanding issue.

    It is crystal clear from the IRA statement that they were not prepared to sign up to Paragraph 13 of the Joint Declaration, which would have meant a complete end to violence.

    The current position of the IRA regarding the use of violence remains unchanged. It has retained the ‘right’ to blow your knees off and rob cigarette containers.

    The Government lied through its teeth when it said that a complete end to paramilitary activity was on offer, as the IRA statement went no further than its previous position.