Blame game: one comment sinks twelve month's 'work'

Pat Brosan in the Examiner believes the whole deal collapsed because of “Ian Paisley’s inane comment about humiliation ensured that it would not happen”.

  • Davros

    Flies in the face of SF’s insistence that Photos were ruled out at Leeds Castle.

  • peteb


    Pat Brosnan doesn’t reveal who was briefing him, but he didn’t read those proposals too closely. There are no “huge strides” in policing “within a short period” contained in the proposals.

    The schedule set is at least 2 years. The Assembly would need to vote on a cross-community basis, then legislation would need to be enacted by the British Government, and then, and only then, would the SF Executive decide whether to hold an Ard Heis to debate the issue.

    No move on policing by SF until that entire process is completed – and that first step leaves a veto on the actual decision to devolve policing powers in the hands of whichever parties hold the majority on either side.

    It’s a major issue that was effectively placed to one side by those proposals.

  • J Kelly

    Mr Hume stated:

    Quote of the week from John Hume could someone explain who he blames for the collapse “What must remain the central issue is the will of the Irish people. They voted for the Agreement. Everyone should have faith in the excellent work done by General deChastelain and his team and accept their word, but if photos are required, why not? That is a minor issue.

    The same old SDLP sit on the fence. Blame everyone blame no-one and get trampled in the stampede