If you thought ‘sackcloth and ashes’ was unacceptably extreme, David Aaronovitch reflects on “provo students” at Queens and using history and the Bible exposes what Paisley really wanted …brought tears to my eyes!
Castrate the younger men

  • The Devil

    Why not,

    If they don’t have the balls why do they need penises

  • James

    “If they don’t have the balls why do they need penises”

    Mucho ssimpatia, dude.

    Pleased to meetcha. I think I know your name.

  • slackjaw


    The castration theme is apparent on both sides of the conflict e.g. Canary Wharf, dismantling of observation towers.

    There is still some room for maneouvre on this one. The IRA should be offered something to counterbalance the psychic castration of seeing the barrels of their guns set to with an angle grinder.

    I propose the erection of huge obelisks in republican areas, paid for by both governments, commemorating IRA volunteers.