I'm sure I've heard that before…

According to the IRA statement (do try to stay awake at the back), photographic evidence of decommissioning “was never possible“.. Well, thanks for your ‘contribution’ to the debate, ‘P. O’Neill’.. but G. Adams already said that.

However, given that the document presented yesterday had been in preparation since the results of the Assembly elections were announced last year – an election that was called after a lack of transparency on decommissioning resulted in the collapse of an agreement between SF and the UUP – the idea that the Irish and British Governments constructed a paragraph on how photographs were to be taken, who they would be taken by, who would see those photographs first, and when they would finally be shown to the public without so much as a nod and a wink from the Sinn Féin leadership to suggest that ‘keep it going, we’ll be able to sort something out’ is, quite frankly, not believable at all.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Strange that Sinn Fein would decide to publish the IRA’s statement on its website, them having nothing to do with each other an’ all.

  • peteb

    Quickest way to get it online after writing it, Gonzo?

  • Davros

    And an Phoblacht is claiming it as an exclusive…