Agreement ‘pork barrel’ goes bust!

Eammon McCann has been quietly fuming off stage at what he sees as the economic carve up that’s continued over public funding throughout the ‘peace process’. In the process, he’s also coined a new term Durkanovites (though I’m not sure it’ll stick).He begins with a crack at the ‘privatised’ carve up:

“What fun the Paisleyites and the Provos would have had, doling out strategic dosh, posing for pictures and pocketing plaudits as this or that shiny new development was unveiled, each alert to ensure (a) that the other side didn’t get a wing they weren’t entitled to, and (b) that other parties on their own side weren’t given a wing or a prayer”.

But in effect his argument is that the Agreement offers pretends two realities, and holds them to be true at the same time: ie that the Union with Britain is safe; and Northern Ireland is on a journey to island unity. As a result, he suggests, it can: “collapse all on its own. And as often as you like”.