Paisley: IRA did not agree to anything!

It’s hard to know just what legs this claim has in fact, but presumably the unofficial channels used to communicate with the IRA will not show in the papers to be released this afternoon. So it may be hard to disprove the veracity of Dr Paisley’s claim that the IRA had not agreed to any detailed committment:

“It is quite clear that the IRA are not going to decommission. Nothing on decommissioning was agreed with them. Not only photographs, but nothing was discussed or settled about the independent witnesses, inventory and all the things that we were interested in.”

  • willowfield

    So it wasn’t possible to negotiate a “fair deal” after all, Ian?

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    There seems to a diiferent spin on things from Gonzo on another thread, regarding IRA intentions.
    Paisley wouldn’t be trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes on this one, he does have such a good track record in telling the truth.

  • alex s

    I once spoke to a public figure now retired who told me how in frustration he refused to see Paisley, why the frustration, because he was sick sore and tired of seeing Paisley miss-quoting him outside his own headquarters five minutes after the meetings

  • Roger W. Christ XVII

    It’s quite arguable that Paisley is telling the truth here – he refused to meet Sinn Fein so how could he have ever agreed anything with them ?

  • Will

    What Ian Paisley said is that deChastelain told him that the IRA hadnt agreed any of the details regaring decommissioning with him, never mind the pictures. They hadnt even agreed to hand over guns.

    Its now up to the IRA to prove are they interested in peace or not.

  • alex s

    If Paisley really believes what told the people on the news tonight, that the IRA were not going to deccommission, why did he get involved in the talks in the first place?

    The truth is when it looked like he might get a deal he panicked, that’s why one minute he was saying nothing because of the delicate stage of the talks and the next minute shouting about sack cloth and ashes, he wanted out, the sack cloth remarks were to make sure the talks failed.

  • James

    In ANNEX D of the pdf document I downloaded from the Irish Times, The IICD reported that P. O’Neil had agreed to the following:

    The IICD said they talked to them and that they signed on. So who is lying, the IICD or Paisley?

  • willowfield


    That’s the bit the Provos didn’t agree to. No-one’s lying.