Harney backs DUP on photos…

TANAISTE Mary Harney (PD) has backed the DUP’s position on a photograph of IRA decommissioning – perhaps because the Irish Government feels it has endured a high degree of pain and ‘humiliation’ over Sinn Fein’s insistence on Garda McCabe killers’ release. Certainly, Taoiseach Ahern’s words and tone in the Dail yesterday was the first public indication that the game was up. The full text of Gerry Adams statement yesterday saying the IRA would not be humiliated is here.

  • CavanMan

    Mary Harney,i doubt anybody pays much attention to the ramblings of the chubby one.

  • George

    Very misleading and incorrect there Belfast Gonzo,

    Nowhere has Mary Harney agreed with the DUP position.

    SHe has agreed with the publishing of photographs of decommissioning but SF also agreed with the publishing of photographs, except after the Assembly was up and running rather than beforehand.