Those 'wheels' keep on turning

After an unnamed “Downing Street spokesman” spun Paisley’s comments as [being] prepared to go into government with Sinn Féin if decommissioning were addressed, an unnamed “Sinn Féin spokesman” briefed the press that Gerry Adams says he believes that Sinn Féin can say yes to the political package that’s now being presented... Hmmm.. not quite the ‘comprehensive’ and ‘holistic’ approach that we had been told was being pursued. Meanwhile, Anthony McIntyre, in The Blanket, explains why he remains sceptical. So, what odds on an ambiguous statement from ‘P. O’Neill’ by tomorrow?

  • Davros

    Straight Talking is needed at this stage.

  • DessertSpoon

    How boring is all this?

    Just get on with it either say YES or NO but say it! Don’t just hint at it or use unnamed sources and faceless civil servants to do it.

    I can’t stand all this hanging around and systematic soldiering (sorry for the military language) by the political parties.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Straight talking is sadly not what you should expect, Davros.

    The IRA still has to talk to de Chastelain, who presumably relays what they are prepared to do to Blair, who is expected to inform Paisley.

    So Paisley gets the message after potential spin by three parties (though I doubt if the General will be complicit in any obfuscation). It will be like a game of Chinese whispers. Remember, Trimble eyeballed SF last year, and yet didn’t seem to fully understand the message coming through from republicans.

    So how will an inexperienced set of negotiators like the DUP really know what’s on offer after the message has been mediated so much beforehand? Do the DUP really trust Downing Street not to put a gloss on anything the IRA says?

    The IRA are likely not to use unambiguous language, so if this has to be interpreted by the British before being relayed to the DUP, there could literally be a breakdown in communication.

    I think there is danger in this approach that could be avoided if the DUP talked directly to republicans. I know they say they are after clarity, but I still have some concerns that there might be a repeat of the Trimble fiasco of last year…

    Hope not though. Good luck to those involved anyway.

  • Alan2

    Paisley will not go for a deal with ambiguities. He will not “do a Trimble” and then be thrown to the lions like SF did with the Turtle.

    State the deal. Make it plain and clear and then either accept it or reject it. That is the only way a deal is going to happen. No mealy mouthed, contrived and ambigous statements are acceptable.