Adams backs a 'reasonable' deal

With the latest deadline coming up fast, Gerry Adams has got his answer in early. Although as the deal is not yet public, it’s hard to say whether with all the doubts expressed about the quality of the IRA’s committment by the DUP in recent days whether they will take this as solid enough to go with it. As Adams hints, the issue of photographs may not be a dealbreaker.

In any case, we will know by tomorrow when Tony visits Northern Ireland for the thirty fourth time in his premiership whether it’s a wrap, or this flexible deadline remains elastic. We’ve apparently been this close before and been disappointed!

  • Davros

    A Carefully crafted release from SF last night Mick
    e.g. “He said Sinn Fein believed that the weapons issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of all reasonable people.”
    So, as we know that in Gerry’s book anybody who oesn’t accept what he says is unreasonable, in effect he’s saying that he’ll accept those parts of the deal that suit. And he hasn’t moved an inch- in effect the issue of violence and crime is everybody else’s problem.