Water debate continues…

MARGARET Ritchie (SDLP) and Francie Molloy (SF) are having a wee spat about water charges, while Naomi Long (APNI) keeps an eye on price hikes in privatised England and Wales.

  • Mark McGregor
  • D’Oracle

    I used to live on the continent; if ones got to pay for it, the only fair way to pay is to have it metered. Problem is,though, if the water authority is really introducing charging because of undercapitalisation it wont be able to afford the sizeable up-front cost of installing meters for all its customers.!

    Catch 22

  • alex s

    As consummers of water can take two approaches to the water charges, we can bury our heads in the sand and threaten to refuse to pay which given the number of Gov. employees in NI isn’t likely to produce a result.

    On the other hand we should try to persuade Gov to introduce a system of billing that is both effective and fair, most people agree that water metering is the fairest system, you get what you pay for, but at the cost of millions is it effective?

    This brings us to the proposed system of charges based on property valuations, the problem with this is that the charge does’nt just take account of varying property values across the province, in other words the owner of the 3000 sq ft house in west Tyrone may well pay less than someone in a smaller property in north Down, the difference betwen charges in Derry and Belfast will be even more stark. Is there a workable alternative?