Even political editors get the blues

And the BBC’s Mark Devenport seems to be developing a mess o’them right now. He is, like everyone else, “getting tired pondering the interminable: ‘Will they, won’t they?’ question”, and raises a few points that some of us have been banging on about for quite a while – “I am beginning to wonder whether we are missing the wood for the trees”, pointing to the guaranteed exposure for party political electioneering – whether a deal is done, or not.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Poor oul’ Mark… I get the feeling that he’d quite happily strangle some politicians right now, just for a feckin’ story.

    Maybe he’ll feel better when the political corrs get back to work. A dose of cynicism is healthy, though it can’t be easy taking on everything at the minute.

    He’s not a bad fella that Mark D. Much more approachable than the previous chap!

  • peteb

    Actually, Gonzo, I’m still on the side of the cynics.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I’m on the side of the bored punters shouting: “Just get ON with it, would yees?!”

  • James

    Comrade Chairman Bertie just gave them four more days or git outta Dodge.

  • Fraggle

    someone get Bertie a bucket of slurry

  • peteb

    Oh dear god.. another 4 days?

  • Mick Fealty

    It will be over in another couple of working days Mark – chin up!! But then again, what will Slugger do once it’s all done and dusted?

  • peteb

    Assuming it will all be done and dusted, Mick.

  • Davros

    what will Slugger do once it’s all done and dusted?

    decommission ? 😉

  • D’Oracle

    No fears-deal or not, the show will go on.
    Nil desperandum !

  • ShayPaul

    what will Slugger do once it’s all done and dusted?

    Talk about realpolitik ?

    Jobs, economics, health, education, …

    Maybe the real obstacle is there, we like to be different from the rest of the world. A sort of masochistic pull to gunmen, hoods intrigues, plots …. growing up time?

  • ShayPaul

    Davenport is rightly afraid that he’ll be the last to get the story. Nobody wants to talk to him anymore, he has overplayed his hand too often.

  • aquifer

    First to get the story, or first to swallow the spin? We should suspect our politicians before we respect them.

    Great to see a Journo looking backstage and reading the SF stage direction in the sectarian punch and judy theatre.

    Pity he works for an organisation that banned auditions for new actors.

    Just as well there is now talk of scrapping the BBC license fee before some ‘minority’ parties ask some questions about the link between taxation and representation.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Mark and all the other political correspondents get money for old rope and in the circumstances should be in perpetual gratitude for the Groundhog day politics that do the rounds here.

    It’s the security correspondents I feel sorry for, waiting on an IMC report to justify your job must be embarrassing.