PSNI budgets to be cut…

With a scaling down of paramilitaries, comes the inevitable cuts in security budgets. In the case of the PSNI a drop of £30m (€43m) over the next two years.

  • Lord Belmont

    Policing in Northern Ireland is woefully inadequate at any rate. Burglaries and anti-social behaviour are rampant, despite the very best efforts of Northern Ireland Police. They require more PCs on the beat and on the public highways. What, on earth, is the point in cutting NI Police’s budget when we need more Police and more resources?

  • Butterknife

    Dare i suggest it is the DUP’s fault:)

  • fair_deal

    Hugh Orde was raising this matter over a year ago. I think he was hoping to prepare the ground for this but from what I have been able to pick up since nobody particularly wanted to know about it.

    He has been preparing for this scenario by trying to identify potential savings.

  • willowfield

    Nice one, Butterknife!

    This is the sort of thing the DUP would have been blaming Trimble for not so long ago!

  • Super Freak

    Compared to the rest of the UK we have a low crime rate and a massive police force. There cuts are a logical step with the peace process we simply don’t need this money in policing when it can be better spent elsewhere. The main problem is lack of support for the police in some areas which is a political problem and not a financial one.

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Is this the first cut in the Police Budget in living memory? All taking place on the watch of the DUP. Looks like Ian jnr has taken his (good)eye off the ball.