Sinn Féin and the building of consensus

The quality and range of the contributions on The Blanket seems to be rising week by week. Not long ago they carried a lengthy interview with Cheif Constable Hugh Orde and another piece with prominent Orangeman Brian Kennaway. This week, Eoin O’Broin engages with regular critic of Sinn Fein. He contrasts the need to build consensus with a political party with what he sees as the inconsistency of many of its critics amongst dissident Republicans.In particular he hints at the diversity within the party, but the need to agree common policy positions:

“Not being a Sinn Féin member Tommy has no idea what positions people took or what work people did on this issue. He also ignores the fact that at the 2002 Sinn Féin Ard Fheis we agreed a substantial and radical policy, which clarified our opposition to privatisations. A position which is now binding on all the party’s elected representatives”.