The original Irish theme bar

Synchronicity and all that. No sooner had I read Sheila’s comments on Maureen O’Hara in ‘The Quiet Man’ – Sentimentalizing Ireland – than this news story caught my eye, Quiet Man Pub to Get its Proper Home at LastReading the story, of course, it soon becomes evident that the ‘proper home’ for the Quiet Man pub, or rather the props and fittings used in the original movie, is in a Hollywood studio –

Pat Cohan’s in Cong, Co Mayo, was actually a shop in real life but director John Ford converted it into a bar for the Oscarwinning film starring John Wayne.

Interior pub scenes were cleverly shot in a Hollywood studio and the props and fittings have been lying in a dusty warehouse for over 50 years.[my emphasis]

Not that the “film[‘s] devotees in The Quiet Man Movie Club in Ireland [who] are transporting the pub [props] back bit by bit and aim have it open for business next year” are going to let that get in the way –

“Tourists who came to visit where the film was shot were always disappointed when they heard the pub didn’t actually exist in real life,” said Paddy Rock, who runs popular tours of the film’s West of Ireland locations.

Hmmm… let’s not disappoint those tourists. I mean, next thing you know they’ll start thinking it was all a fiction… and then where would we be?