Good Idea!

Sinn Fein call for consideration of legislation to limit the advertising of toys on TV

  • alex s

    What a great idea, no pictures of nasty rifles, horrible hand guns and of course piles of plastercine, don’t want the ‘boys’ thinking Gerry has delivered before Big Ian!

  • Davros

    Joking apart, it’s a good idea and one I would happily support.

  • Keith M

    Free staters or nanny staters?

  • peteb

    Hmm.. a “call for consideration of legislation” and “Maybe it is time we considered”…

    Would the SF Member of Parliament like to offer an actual opinion on whether legislation would benefit anyone?

    Or is offering an opinion bound to offend someone?

    Best example of having it both ways in the non-statement – “Let’s make it clear, fast-food and toy companies are obviously only interested in one thing, making a buck, which is fair enough..”

  • ulsterman

    Well considering she is am MP and an MLA on hugh salaries plus expense accounts she should be well able to afford toys for her kids.

    However she may enjoy it while she can. I will laugh next year as she goes down to certain defeat in a seat she somehow managed to steal in 2001.

    God Save The Queen.

  • J Kelly

    Good idea. Lets look at the message not the author.

  • Davros

    Agreed JK

  • PS

    Translated – i agree, but god it hurts to give credit to those nasty shinners