defining sectarianism

plans in scotland to tackle bigotry on the terraces seem likely to cause interpretation and implementation difficulties

  • Donnie

    The clubs must do more. Rangers in particular.

  • Panda

    What more can the clubs do?
    I suppose snatch squads could be set up to pull out the worse offenders, but they would be a bit unpractical when whole ends are singing UVF or Provo songs.
    The measures that can be taken(such as banning flags/supporters clubs with parliamilitary group names) would be agood start-but it wouldn’t change the attitudes of a lot of the fans. A massive education programme such as undertaken by the English clubs in the 80s and 90s against racism, should start at school level.
    But apart from this, I can’t think of any immediate remedy to the problem.
    I’m not sure outside Celtic and Rangers,it’s such a major problem. I’ve been to see both Hibs and Hearts, who used to be the next worst offenders, and saw very little evidence of sectarianism.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    I am an avid Rangers fan, along with my local Irish League team, Coleraine F.C. (World-Beaters), and Manchester United, who incidentally I went to see play Lyon last week.
    Although I was too young to be present, it has been brought to my attention that racist chants, such as those of a pro-National Front nature, were sang at Coleraine matches in the 1980’s. I have also read that opposing black players were verbally abused at United matches, with John Barnes of Liverpool coming in for particular stick.
    Now, to my knowledge, neither group of supporters, the Bannsiders or the Red Devils, sing these racist slurs anymore (well I haven’t heard them if they do). Basically, I think that through time, the Old Firm situation will improve, but I honestly doubt it will ever go away completely. Integration of blacks and whites has invariably aided English clubs and their supporters to embrace multi-culturalism, but what you have to remember is that Scotland and Northern Ireland are still deeply divided along religious lines.
    I think the motto “Take one step at a time” should be implied here. Just one more point, I think you are being sectarian and biased when you accuse Rangers of being more to blame “Donnie”. Obviously you have never had to sit and listen to the vile and deeply offensive lyrics of some of the Glasgow Celtic fans’s pro-Provo chants???

  • Donnie

    Donald Finlay. Bob Malcolm etc. etc…….

  • CavanMan

    being a Celtic supporter i may be biased,however it is the opinions of many outside viewers,Rangers sing more sectarian songs,and their fans are engaged in a far greater number of sectarian attacks on celtic fans after old firm games.i am not saying that Celtic are innocent because they are not.However it is clear Rangers supporters engage in more sectarian activities than their celtic counterparts.

  • Davros

    Don’t confuse opinions with facts CavanMan. There was a time when 99% of Christendom believed the earth was Flat.

  • Panda

    I’ve no time for either of the Glasgow clubs(I prefer to follow a club for reasons other than religion or politics) but I think you are looking at the situation through green-hooped glasses.

    Rangers sing more sectarian songs? At a football match there is no place for this kind of nonsense, but do Celtic not have a few tunes celebrating the “armed struggle”-many would find these as offensive and unnecessary as “The Sash” or “The Billy Boys”

    Sectarian attacks after Old Firm games? Are there any statistics proving that Rangers fans are particularly more to blame? Would you even say that they are sectarian attacks or just the normal(!) trouble that you get after derby matches in Manchester,London,Newcastle etc.?

    So I am not defending Rangers( some of the behaviour that I heard about at the two Utd matches last year was completely out of order) I’m just not sure where your proof is coming from that they “engage in more sectarian activities than their Celtic counterparts”