'Deal' not grabbing the NI public…

Anthony McIntyre on how the current negotiations have by and large passed over the heads of the general public. Another reason, perhaps to believe that this prospective deal, although undoubtedly historic, will probably pass through with little public controversy.

  • Davros

    Tom Luby’s article is worth a read as well 😉

  • Beowulf

    We won’t die of devotion
    Understand we can never belong…
    You bore us.

  • Warm Storage

    Latest deal sticking point?


  • Warm Storage
  • peteb

    Well, they couldn’t use this option… could they, Warm Storage? 😉

  • Warm Storage

    Yeah, the Hastings Group mightn’t be too happy.

  • Moderate Unionist

    Nice link. Excellent main article. I think the public are bored rigid by it all. Whatever, the same old faces saying the same old things. Even if they get a deal will the attitudes change? Will they tackle hard issues together? Will they work to reduce waste so that we can invest in the things that are important to all?

  • Will

    What good did endless media hype and the so-called ‘feelgood factor’ do us before? As I seem to recall, the ‘public interest’ was usually media generated, and often generated because some worthy or other decided that they should be putting their pressure on unionists to break their pledges and enter government at any cost.

    Surely its about getting the result that matters, not the viewing figures for the news that we should be worried about.

  • Henry94

    We’ll miss it when it’s gone. Have you ever noticed how boring the rest of the news from here is. 10 years of that and we’ll be calling these the good old days.

    Slugger and Newshound and Hearts & Minds will be looked back on as part of the golden era of politics and political debate, part of that wonderful time between the end of the war and the begining of the dull grind of ordinary politics.

    Clinton, Blair, Ahern, Mitchell, Bono, we’ll tell our grandchildren, they all came here full of hope but we broke them one by one.