Photographs might do it….

Liam Clarke reckons photographic evidence might be enough to swing a an historic deal that would allow Northern Ireland politics to get back finally to the business of running itself.

  • Davros

    I’m beginning to wonder about Liam Clarke …according to his story “Even President George W Bush has become involved. He called both Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader, and Paisley.”

    Gerry said this Morning on Breakfast with Frost that he was still waiting to hear from Dubya.
    As I recall the words used were something along the lines of ‘When did the Sunday Times EVER get anything righta about Sinn Féin ?’

  • Henry94


    He must be bad if you don’t believe him 😉

  • ulsterman

    Does anyone seriously believe a few photographs will allow the IRA into government. It will take a lot more than that.

    God Save Thev Queen.

  • D’Oracle

    How will the DUP know that the photos are actual real ones of the IRA guns being de-utilisated ? Supposing someone just comes up with a lot of guns being put beyond use; shouldnt be beyond possibility to come up with some guns being put beyond use (provided the palm trees and the sand are re-touched!) What then!?

    Again (by the way ) why does God constantly have to save thev Queen of England; whats she been up to then ?