Fiscal limitations to future inquiries…

As the Saville Inquiry draws to a close, it looks like the British government intends to enact legislation that will both strengthen the powers of the chair and make provision to limit the cost of any future inquiry.

  • peteb

    Whatever the British government have planned, Mick, it hasn’t met with the approval of either the SDLP or the Finucane family

  • ulsterman

    What a total waste of money this sham has been. To please Adams and co the taxpayer has forked out this money.

    The event was 32 years ago. Whats the bet the findings will be as big a sham as everything else.To be politically correct the findings will be a fudge. Instead the British government should just say, “they were Republican scum and deserved it”. Minds have long ago been made up over the events of that day.At a time when our brave troops are on the battlefield does anyone really think they are going to be condemned.

    God Save The Queen.