British Army to scale down presence…

According to a senior British Army spokesman, the IRA’s war is over regardless of any outstanding issues of decommissioning. “The indications are that, given 9/11, the IRA are not going to return to terrorism,” said the senior officer. “There isn’t the popular support, either in Ireland or the US.” So much so that it’s thought that the British military will scale down its presence in Northern Ireland when the UK wide review kicks in next month. How’s that for choreography?

  • aquifer

    The security services would also have new tools to try. DNA, wiretaps, surveillance videos and drones, vehicle and moble phone tracking, large scale processing of personal data, financial records, accomplice evidence, new laws. International co-operation could also become very robust.

  • D’Oracle

    It would be great-wouldnt but do you not think someone might notice and raise some objections ?

    Have you at all considered a session with your shrink ?