The Bhoys are back in Town!

Shane and the lads are back in business. Last night’s Frank Skinner show had an interview with the man himself, Shane MacGowan.

Old habits die hard

Twenty-five years ago, Shane MacGowan was given six weeks to live. But he’s still here, and so are the Pogues – back to their original lineup for a new lease of life. Dave Simpson joins them in Dublin to relive the bad old days

  • David Vance

    A great band, a great song-writer, and a man with the great luck to have dueted with the wonderful lamented Kirsty MacColl.

  • Dec

    I tend to agree with most of David’s musical viewpoints and this is no exception. However, for mine, Philip Chevron’s “Thousands are sailing” is the best thing the Pogues ever did.

  • Davros

    I saw him on Skinner … what a man 🙂
    Still sharp- when Skinner said that they had one ting in common , quick as a fals – “bad shirts ?”

  • David Vance


    “Thousands are sailing” is a brillant song with a touching lyric and Chevron does not get the respect I believe he deserves. I remember buying one of the Radiator’s singles a million years ago..”Kitty Ricketts” I think it was.

    However, “Fairytale” is a league above anything else the Pogues recorded primarily because it exudes wit, poignancy, melody and melancholia. And of course as you know by now, I am an enduring fan of everything Kirsty did in her short life. When she sings the “You scumbag, You Maggot” line you hear her boundless charm and when she intones the “Well so could anyone” line – it would melt the hardest heart.

  • Davros

    One of the great songs David.

    A few more here :

    CD of the week: Neil Young

  • willowfield

    Anyone know where or what this spelling “bhoy” originates from? What does it mean? I assume it just means “boy”?