NI future depends on immigration: unionist

TANGLED Web slinger and hardline unionist commentator Andrew McCann (formerly of this parish) uses his own very detailed breakdown of population trends (AKA a ‘sectarian headcount’) to justify increasing immigration by ethnic minorities into Northern Ireland. No, you didn’t read it wrong, I said ‘justify’. It’s for very selfish reasons that some will disagree with, but that’s the first I’ve seen this unusual rationale in print.

  • Mick Fealty

    The key effect is likely to be, as Andrew argues that in future NI’s economy will almost certainly depend on its ability to attract migrants from other countries just to keep the ship steady.

    I imagine Andrew has Jack McConnell’s recent plea for immigrants to come to Scotland (the first part of the UK to experience phenomenally low birth rates).

    The fact is that the opportunity that the demographic dividend, which derives from having a youthful, well educated population (and which was a key factor in the ignition of the Republic’s recent boom) may have already substantially passed us by. And in a worst case scenario, we may be on our way to becoming a 1980’s version of Scotland in the island.

    Oh, and we will almost certainly have to work for much longer than the baby boomers had to!

  • Fraggle

    “In a worst case scenario, we may be on our way to becoming a 1980’s version of Scotland in the island.”

    I’m sorry Mick but could you explain this bit please?

  • Impractical Observer

    I’m sure Andrew’s maths are correct but his starting assumptions are not.

    He assumes that all non-Catholics are Unionists.
    That the birth rate in council areas is determined solely by the majority there and that present trends will continue indefinitely.

    Fact is that only the 2001 census of all censuses since 1971 is reliable in terms of religious breakdown. You cannot draw reliable long term conclusions from that single data set or from the registrar general’s reports as they don’t contain a religion breakdown.