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Minute’s silence for murdered women

A MINUTE’S silence will be held outside the Dail today in memory of the 107 women murdered in Ireland over the last 108 months.

Women’s Aid has organised the public expression of solidarity, against the backdrop of a giant ‘In Memoriam’ card’ in order to mark International Day Against Violence Against Women. Each of the murdered women will be represented by a white lily. Women’s Aid director Margaret Martin said: “There have been 107 women murdered in 108 months – more than 80pc of them by a man known to them and almost half of them by a current or former partner. The seriousness of the levels of violence against women in Ireland today and the failure of the system to keep women safe cannot be over-emphasised, and the tragic reality is that women are paying the ultimate price of their lives.”

Ms Martin criticised the Government’s handling of the issue of violence against women, saying funding was inadequate.

Women’s Aid is a voluntary body which provides information, support and advocates on behalf of women experiencing violence in their homes. The organisation operates a 12-hour, seven-day national freephone helpline service.

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  • Davros

    TD calls for minute silence to mark International Day Against Violence Against Women

    Published: 25 November, 2004

    Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice, Equality and Human Rights, Aengus Ó’Snodaigh TD has called on the Dáil to hold a minute silence to mark International Day Against Violence Against Women.
    At Order of Business today, Deputy Ó Snodaigh called for the Dáil to mark International Day Against Violence Against Women “by the observation of a minute’s silence at 11:00 am in memory of the 106 women murdered in Ireland since 1996 and in recognition of the ongoing pervasiveness of violence against women in Irish society.”
    Deputy Ó Snodaigh went on to say:
    “Nearly half of all Irish women experience some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. Nearly one fifth of Irish women have been abused by a current or former partner, and fully one quarter of all violent crimes in our country involve a man assaulting his wife or partner. These statistics are positively horrific and demand urgent action. I am convinced that if these statistics reflected a level of violence directed against any other group it would be treated as a national emergency. Well, it is a national emergency.
    “The truth is that we need more than a moment’s silence once a year. What we need is to muster the collective political will to finally tackle this pervasive social problem. But the fact that the Government won’t even concede one minute of parliamentary time to allow policymakers to recognise the lives lost or permanently destroyed is compeltely outrageous. They say they don’t want to set a precedent, and I think that is the most callous thing I have ever heard said on this issue. I have been pursuing this ever since I was elected to office and I will continue to pursue it until it gets the public attention it deserves.” ENDS

  • Conor

    What about the men who were murdered during the same period, are they not worthy of rememberance?

  • unionist_observer

    Well, what are figures for men suffering from domestic violence? I don’t imagine its anywhere near as high as women suffering from it.

    The fact that domestic violence is still going on is appalling, its just pathetic insecure men.

  • trish

    It would have been nice to have had these statistics a while back when we were debating abortion issues and people refused to believe that the number of women raped during university could approach 25%. With this new statistic stating that 50% of women are sexually abused, perhaps this is more believable now.

    Conor, I do think that the men murdered in the same period also deserve remembrance, however this memorial may be separated by gender to highlight the fact that almost 50% of these women were murdered by a former or current partner. By someone they once trusted intimately. That’s kinda scary.

  • maca

    “its just pathetic insecure men.”

    I’m sure it wasn’t intended to sound like it does but as you know it’s not just men. The figures for men may be only a tiny fraction of that for women but it does go on, and like abuse of women it needs to be tackled.
    Emotional abuse is every bit as bad as physical abuse.