SF Caving In

That’s the heading The Irish Echo has on Paul Colgan’s report. Attributed to the SDLP’s Mark Durkan, natch, but Colgan finds support for that interpretation from none other than Brian Feeney.Not that Feeney mentions this in his Irish News article – blogged here – but then when Feeney asks in that column “What was it [the last 30 years] all for?” he, keeping an eye on his regular audience, isn’t asking Gerry Adams.

The line from the Irish Echo report to keep in mind amidst all the spin and speculation is this –

“However, Sinn Fein will not want to lose the inevitable blame game if a deal cannot be struck.”

It’s also true for the DUP, but that may not be enough to make them both move sufficiently.

It’s also interesting that Colgan wheels out Mitchel McLaughlin to deny that SF have agreed the block voting change for the Executive – some bloggers have looked at this issue before.