Quote of the day…

Danny Morrison and his scepticism over Paisley’s ability to strike a deal on Morning Ireland this morning: “I might have to eat my metaphorical hat, but Ian Paisley will have to eat his manifesto“.

  • peteb

    Bit early in the day to handing out titles like that, Mick ;o)

  • tom luby

    how can danny morrison say that he’ll eat his hat when he has already fed on it once when he wrongly predicted that the chucks would never decommission – unless that is he keeps a whole wardrobe of hats for just such purposes!

  • Mick Fealty

    Can you bet it yet Pete?

  • peteb

    How about this one from UUP president Lord Rogan of Lower Iveagh Peer urges action on plastic bags

    “Another idea would be to go back to paper bags, which destroy themselves much quicker” !?!

  • Will

    We could call them UUPbags…. they self-destruct! ;o)