Parties co-operated for economic package…

THE BBC is reporting that Sinn Fein’s Dara O’Hagan and the DUP’s George Dawson* were part of talks with the business community that led to the call for a £1 billion economic package for Northern Ireland as part of any deal to restore devolution. The DUP is stressing this was not part of the negotiations – one wonders what caveats are now left to avoid direct talks.

* The others were reported as Sean Farren (SDLP), Sir Reg empey (UUP) and Sean Neeson (Alliance).

  • Pat Mc Larnon

    Bet there wasn’t much room at that particular trough

  • David Vance

    Noses plunged firmly in it. George “What’s the political score on the door?” Dawson paid a little visit to ATW the other night – I challenged him to answer a few simple questions about DUP intent but readers are still Awaiting an answer. I now appreciate he was too busy begging for largesse from Government.

    It strikes me that the DUP are gagging to get into power and the big issue is the provision of political coverage to protect vulnerable DUP backs. I doubt the UUP have the wit to effectively expose any pending DUP hypocrisy so this way George and his pals get their sweaty little hands on 1.2 billion without pain.