Loyalist boss had home in Republic

The Assets Recovery Agency has disclosed it will be auctioning the €¼m holiday home of assasinated Crawfordsburn-based Red Hand Commando boss Jim Johnston, just outside Enniscrone in Sligo.

  • Davros

    I must admit, I found the releases of the agency when they confiscated the 5 or 6 properties rather bewildering… They talked of the properties being worth circa £700,000. Near as dammit there already with the first two …

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Funny place for a loyalist paramilitary to have a holiday home, no?

  • Davros

    Where would you be safer from your main enemies, other loyalists ?

  • George

    Maybe he liked windsurfing to wind down after a long day. Or maybe he misunderstood when he was told the beaches there are savage.

  • Conor

    The Republic is the safest place for loyalists these days.

  • a person

    Once again Davros you talk about nothing you know about. you talk crap abiut people who you have no information on other than what you read in the local press or watch on the tv and we all know they only repeat what they want others to hear AND that is never the truth.

  • bertie

    Most of us have to rely on the press and the tv for our information. If we only commented on things where we were actual witnesses, Slugger would be a very small blog, with just the politician posting and the rest of us chipping in with the very odd snippet.

  • Davros

    Once again Davros you talk about nothing you know about.

    Strange to resurrect a thread from over 6 months ago – impossible to understand cowardly trolls.

  • bertie

    be charitable Davros, that person may have been honing that response since November

  • Davros

    I was being charitable bertie 😉 the alternative would have bought me a red card LOL

  • Joseyboy

    Maybe he just realized that parts of the Republic are more beautiful, more hisspitable and less wired up than large parts of the North ?

  • bertie

    very hisspitable I’m sure ;o)

  • Joseyboy

    …..lickspittable ?

    If Mr was a snake you’d say that after the ARA got a hold of him he wouldn’t have a pit to hiss in.