Tribunal Show in Dublin…

Joe Taylor and Malcolm Douglas have made a modest but regular living out of attending the two major tribunals in the Republic, currently known as Flood and Moriarty. They’ve been working on Vincent Browne’s current affairs radio programm since not long after they began back in 1997.

Over the years they began to gather enough material to excerpt the funny stuff to make a two man show. I heard them briefly on the Pat Kenny Show on Monday. They are currently have a three night run with their Tribunal Show at Liberty Hall from tomorrow night through to Saturday.

We hear there are still seats to be got. It sounds like a good night out!

  • Gerry O’Sullivan


    Feargus Flood has retired from the Planning Tribunal, and his place has been taken by Alan Mahon, whose name is now used to identify the Tribunal.

  • Mick Fealty

    Thanks Gerry. Nervous exhaustion was it? According to the show’s website the original title was ‘Will we get a receipt? Will we F*ck!’

    You can still catch them online at RTE, but a lot of it is serious re-enactment (originally to circumvent the tribunals’ bar on recording equipment). For some extraordinarily funny out takes, you need see them live.