Liam Clarke

Three articles by Liam Clarke in today’s Sunday Times,although two are, in essence, saying the same thing- the DUP and Sinn Féin want a large amount of money for Northern Ireland.

Ulster asks for a ‘peace fund’

The DUP have asked for a One Billion Pound peace fund, which will be paid for through savings in security spending, and Sinn Féin are backing them. Will Gordon Brown play ball ?

Parties want €1.4bn for peace deal

The third deals with attitudes to Bloody Sunday/Saville and the Birmingham Pub bombings/Omagh.

Comment: Liam Clarke: IRA demands truth when all it offers are weasel words

  • Henry94

    the DUP and Sinn Féin want a large amount of money for Northern Ireland.

    Small property, Investment opportunity, in need of some repair, title subject to dispute, wonderful neighbours, interesting history, sitting tennents, house divided.

    Viewing strictly by appointment with sole agents Adams & Robinson. (Previously on market with Durkin & Trimble)

  • Davros

    That was funny 🙂

  • IJP

    Now that sort of post I do enjoy, Henry!

    The idea that money will solve NI’s problems is nonsense. We’ve had plenty of money.

    The real issue is segregation. Money won’t solve that.

  • barnshee

    So let me (as a taxpayer) get this straight.

    Have caused the problems of under investment by requiring normal funds to be diverted to
    compensate for bombing campaigns etc- they want the taxpayer to pick up the bill??

    Let me put this a politely as I can Fuck off– you made the mess –pay for the clear up yourself

  • Davros

    barnshee – could be (and is ) argued that the mess was made by the Governments’ track records during Direct Rule.

  • Davros

    Gerry Adams weasel words reported by the BBC

    Sinn Fein leader ‘regrets’ bombs

    On the 30th anniversary of the bombs he said: “I certainly regret what happened and I make no bones about that.”


    Asked whether the IRA should apologise, Gerry Adams pointed to a statement the IRA made two years ago when it apologised to all civilians killed and injured.
    “My recollection very clearly is that the IRA apologised for all the actions it engaged in in which civilians were hurt or injured.

    Is Gerry saying that the IRA have admitted that they DID plant the bombs ?

    What does he mean regret ? He regrets the casualties or that the bombs were placed ? He regrets the negative publicity ? Would he still regret the bombs if the morning after all those people were murdered they had lead to an announcement of Britain pulling out of NI ?

    I always regret having a hangover. Doesn’t mean I recognise I shouldn’t have gone on the rip, or that I won’t do it again.

    Bollix Gerry.

  • Henry94


    You make it clear why such apologies are a bad idea. They are never enough because they can never be enough.

    We are looking at 30 years of 20th aniversaries. I’m already bored by the prospect.

    “I certainly regret what happened and I make no bones about that.”

    Bad choice of phrase. Someone is bound to allege that in mafia parlance he had already “made his bones” at that stage.

  • cg

    “Gerry Adams weasel words reported by the BBC”
    You seem to be damned if you do and damned if you dont.

  • Davros

    What did he do cg ? He made meaningless noises.
    Shed a few crocodile tears.

  • cg

    The man can’t do anything right by some people’s logic.

    If unionists are looking for the Republican movement to get on bended knees and plead for forgiveness they have another thing coming.
    Republicans sacrificed a lot for this process but if it’s the IRA broke that unionists want then it will never happen.

    For fuck sake it was a war and a lot of people suffered.
    What’s the difference between a grieving family of an IRA volunteer and the grieving family of an RUC man?

    Both families’ suffering is real.
    There isn’t a hierarchy of victims.

  • Mark

    If there’s no hierarchy of victims then why is there a need to investigate the murder of one person over another?

  • willowfield

    What’s the difference between a grieving family of an IRA volunteer and the grieving family of an RUC man?

    The former are grieving over a man whose purpose was to inflict suffering on others. The latter are grieving over a man whose role was to protect others from the former.

    There isn’t a hierarchy of victims.

    There is. The innocent victim is higher up the hierarchy than Billy Wright or Dominic McGlinchy.

  • Davros

    I disagree cg. If you call this a war, how would you feel about people like Martin McGuinness facing a war crimes tribunal ?

  • Davros

    WF_ in my book Wright and McGlinchey weren’t victims. They were perpetrators of evil.
    Their families ? Variable.

  • davidbrew

    “Republicans sacrificed a lot for this process”

    yep, several hundred lives, thousands of limbs and minds, millions of pounds worth of property.

    If republicans are to earn the respect they crave, getting down on bended kneee and pleading for forgiveness is exactly what they’ll have to do. Until then they richly deserve and retain our contempt. Get used to it.

  • Davros

    Physical Force republicans DB. Not all republicans approved of, let alone supported, the crimes of the IRA, INLA etc.

  • davidbrew

    agreed, and there’s nothing wrong with them advancing their beliefs in a totally peaceful manner, but the onus is unfortunately on them to prove that is the way they operate, given the propensity of most republicans to be ambiguous.