Parties hold internal consultations

Sinn Fein and the DUP are spending some quality time with their own parties over the weekend, and possibly well into next week.

  • The Devil

    Yeah Peter and Ian are wondering how they should address the situation,

    Gerry and Martin are wondering how they should “dress” for the occassion.

  • peteb

    and, in the process, they’re making damn sure that the media is fully aware of all the ‘consultation’ they’re engaging in, Mick.

  • Mick Fealty

    You find fault in that Pete?

  • peteb

    It’s not that I find fault in it, Mick, I just find the media breathlessness about Stormont and Dublin party meetings meaningless, despite the spin being put on it by the mass media, especially but not exclusively the BBC. The parties are, after all, only talking to themselves… again.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    But what might become apparent is who is having diffs with their particular constituency…

  • peteb


    That is not going to come out of any of these meetings.. consider it this way.. what is the difference between the ‘positive’ noises being made by SF and the DUP prior to the Leeds Castle talks and what we are hearing now?

    The conclusion most drew then was that it was part of the avoid-the-blame game.. and, to date, I don’t see any evidence to suggest otherwise this time.

  • peteb

    Or to use a particularly apposite phrase coined previously on this site, they’re still playing “political chicken”.

  • Mick Fealty

    Long weekend ahead for the DUP.

  • George

    Is internal consultation another way of saying navel gazing in this instance?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Followed Mick’s link, and found this amusing phrase stuck in the Morrow statement:

    “there was a unanimous positive reaction to the report by the Party Leader on the negotiations”

    A unanimous reaction by the leader?! Did Paisley vote and the rest just sit there? And I thought the DUP Assembly group might have had a say too…

    . o O (I’ll assume it’s just an amusing typo Tim!)

  • willowfield

    “Unanimous reaction TO the report by the leader” – makes sense to me!

  • Will

    Oh dear Gonzo,
    Seems that a basic comprehension of the English language isnt a prerequisite for Alliance Party membership.

    I know people try to read into the statements made by parties – but just making up phrases which arnt there is a bit much for anyone – even the best brians of the Alliance Party.

  • Ciaran

    Brians or Brains?

    Am I missing a joke of those in the know?

  • Will

    Another typo!