On using your Type Key ‘home page’…

Like most readers of Slugger I’ve developed something of a love/hate relationship with TypeKey, our chosen solution to torrents of comment spam sent out by a multitude of unscrupulous companies. I hope that our ongoing upgrade will finally bring in those people whose firewalls currently will not let them post freely on Slugger.I notice that most people have chosen not to input details on their typekey homepages. That’s a shame, because it could be a means of finding out a bit more about where other posters are ‘coming from’ – without necessarily giving away personal details.

On my own homepage for instance, I’ve chosen to make my email available publicly. You don’t have to of course, but it does allow people to have private, off site conversations.

I have also included a list of sites I’m involved in (I wish they’d let you change the order, otherwise you need to input the least important first and most important last). And I’ve just filled in a couple of the favourite sites list (a mini blogroll if you like).