Labour and Conservatives debate at Stormont

Hotel that is. Andy McGivern and an unnamed Tory spokesman are to discuss the need for parties from Britain to organise and stand for elections in Northern Ireland. Similar moves appear to be taking place across the border, with Irish Labour and Fianna Fail opening up for membership at least in Northern Ireland.

  • D’Oracle

    Might all of this not help locals to discover whether they are, in fact, colonists or at home ;English, Scottish,the Scilly Isles etc or Irish and if so, would this at all help ?

  • PaddyD

    I suppose we have to wait and see if the SDLP lose all their Westminster seats. If they do FF will be comfortable about moving in or merging with the stoops. Of the 18 SDLP MLAs 5 or 6 would join Irish Labour. With the Stickie Rabbitte in charge I’m sure there’ll be a British/Irish Labour organisation true to the BICO tradition of many of those seeking to get the Labour Parties to organise here. I’m curious as to whether any UUP people would join New Labour, if they did it would leave it free for the rest of the UUP to merge with the Tories. I think it would be healthy for people in the 6 counties to vote for governing parties rather than regional ones. It might induce a more responsable and realistic politics here. You’d have 3 blocs 1) SF & FF 2) British/Irish Labour 3) Tories & DUP. Interesting party system.