Do you know what your MP does?

This fascinating tool will keep you amused whilst we’re waiting for the outcome of the latest phase of political game. It’s called and it’s just finishing its beta test phase. The makers would be happy for it to be tested to destruction on its Northern Irish MP data!! Have a good weekend all!

  • peteb

    Tested to destruction, Mick? That’s asking for trouble ;o)

    Unfortunately the test didn’t take long.. it’s refusing to recognise my postcode.

    Have a good weekend yourself!

  • Rebecca Black

    VERY interesting statistics on my MP.

    Iris Robinsons seat is reckoned to be 623rd safest out of 653 MPs, she’s not really safe at all is she?

    Expenses are also revealing, she has never been out of the top 40 (our of 653 MPs) in terms of expenses, in fact she was the 6th highest claimer in 2001!!

    Finally her main area of interest at the min seems to be STDs….which considering she is MP for Strangford is interesting, surely she should be the champion of the farmer and the fisherman. But there I go being idealistic again!

  • Mark McGregor


    It recognised three postcodes I put in. Did you put a space between the second and third number? Or pick a business address that falls in the MPs area and use its postcode. There’s interesting stuff on that site.

  • peteb


    Yeah I followed the example shown and used appropriate spacing and variations thereof.. as for business addresses – sheesh, it’s my postcode too!

    It’s not too big a deal.. I know exactly what my MP does.. and it’s not a lot. I’ll give you a clue.. he has never attended, spoken, voted or asked any written questions (that’s an interesting stat) or anything else and he has never, absolutely never rebelled against his party.

    But he still collects £110,653 in expenses (503rd out of 658)

  • Mark McGregor

    You can get more information on his finances than Jeffrey’s. Strange.

  • ulsterman

    Well my MP protects Ulster from Rome and Republicanism.

    He is worth his weight in gold.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Fraggle

    Looked at the page for my MP, a Martin Smyth of the UUP.

    Apparantly he rarely rebels too!

  • D’Oracle

    None of them work for me …just as well really, I suppose.

  • George

    I’ve no post code and no MP but five TD’s. Any similar site for those elected to Dail Eireann?

    I had to have a look at Gerry Adams though.

    He spoke 0 zero times – 638th out of 659 MPs.
    Asked 0 written questions in the last year — 547th out of 659 MPs.
    Has attended 0% of votes in parliament — 652nd out of 658 MPs. (From Public Whip)
    This MP never rebels against their party . (From Public Whip)

    So there are 21 MPs who have spoken less than him.

  • unionist_observer

    well surely given that Gerry Adams and co refuse to participate in Westminster these facts are largely irrelevant, of course he’s never going to have spoken in parl. he never swore the oath in.

    The only thing about Westminster that the shinners are interested in are the expenses they can claim.

  • Davros

    The only thing about Westminster that the shinners are interested in are the expenses they can claim.

    Not quite right. They took tremendous pleasure and got great publicity in their victory when granted their offices, and they do use the facilities – as seen by the Bearded one using Westminster for a book launch.

  • Doreen

    Well, my MP gives value for money: 70 EDMs on a good variety of subjects together with all his other work – no surprise there at all.

  • unionist_observer

    well, quite frankly, if they are going to turn up their noses at swearing the oath and representating their constituencies properly then they shouldn’t be allowed offices there. Kick them out I say.

  • Davros

    They are failing to represent their constituents.

  • George

    “They are failing to represent their constituents.

    To which your average Irish person would say of Westminster: failing to represent me, replace it with one that does.

  • unionist_observer

    maybe George thats because the Irish people to which you refer are “representated” in word only by politicians who refuse to participate in Westminster. I think you’d find Westminster would be plenty representative if the shinners actually did some work there and earned their money for a change.

  • George

    Unionist observer,
    name me one bill put forward by the SDLP or even an amendment to address the needs of the minority Irish community in the last 30 years that was passed in Westminster if it’s so representative.
    Just one will do.

    Or if you can’t find one there, you can also name me one bill which was put into law between 1870 and 1918, put forward by the old Irish Parliamentary Party. That gives you 80 years of British “representation” of Irish interests to find one.

    And if you can’t find one there, how about one opposition bill addressing the needs of the Irish minority in the 50 years of the Stormont parliament.

    That’s 130 years of parliamentary representation for you.

  • alex s

    To see how Jeff Donaldson spends his time one only has to read the local paper, getting his photograph taken at every ‘hole in the road’

  • PS

    Seamus Mallon MP

    Social Democratic and Labour Party MP for Newry & Armagh
    Majority: 3,575 voters — 576th safest out of 653 MPs

    How the statistics can lie! 576th safest seat, he may indeed be, but you’d be hard pushed to find a member of the SDLP who’d back the party at even money to hold the seat.

  • Davros

    Wipe that smile off your face young man 😉

  • PS

    All I’ll say is God help the other 77 MPs in a worse position!

  • unionist_observer


    Well, in all fairness, if the allegations you are making are true then it isn’t the fault of Westminster but rather the fault of the MPs selected by the nationalist community.

    If you want represented in Westminster then you vote for someone who will go to Westminster, participate in debates, ask pertinent questions on topics relevant to your constituency and generally highlight issues that need brought to attention.

    I know its terribly trendy to blame everything on the British Government but at the end of the day, its up to people to select someone who is going to work for them, you cannot possibly blame anyone else for this.

  • unionist_observer

    Ms Iris Robinson is one of those 77 MPs who position is even more tenuous than Seamus Mallon.

    – Now theres a reason to smile!!

  • Mick Fealty

    Of course, it also depends on how the swing is going. I suspect the DUP will be looking to see Iris moved further into the safe column come the next election. Realistically the UUP’s battle will be keep what they have, rather than go on the offensive next time out.

  • unionist_observer

    ah you never know!! Doesn’t hurt to be optimistic, besides you never know what might happen between now and may, if indeed the elections are called in may.

    They say a week is a long time in politics, alot can happen in six months, especially with all this proposed deal stuff.

  • Christopher Stalford

    Patrick Savage

    Droll, very droll!

  • Millie

    ‘well, quite frankly, if they are going to turn up their noses at swearing the oath and representating their constituencies properly then they shouldn’t be allowed offices there. Kick them out I say.’

    that’s not very British, whatever happened to the UK’s liberal tradition of the right to dissent? Or perhaps it doesn’t apply to Irish people? Being a NI MP has to be the easiest job in the world cos your constituents don’t expect anything from you, and you have bugger all to do anyway except lobby the NIO and its part-time elected somewhere else nobodies. Given that choice is it any wonder people choose to abstain!